The pathway to creating a culture of total wellness is a journey with no destination. It’s an “all-the-time” thing & must be woven into the very fabric of an organization, at all levels & within all spheres.”  Joe Danis


Meet the Joe & Co. team! Liz, Adam, Sonja, Patrick, Mel, and Sarah are excited to join forces with Joe Danis in creating programs, services, and solutions to help individuals and organizations realize their potential in a healthy, sustainable way. Their combined experience in areas such as mental health, nutrition, diversity, and education create the perfect formula for a balanced and holistic approach to wellness consulting and programming.

Liz Mcleod

Liz is a caring mental health professional with knowledge across the entire spectrum of health service delivery. As part of the Canadian social work evolution from an institutional setting to one that is community-based, she now provides Canadians with practical tools that enable increased mental health capacity. Liz has over 30 years experience in various leadership roles within the mental health industry and is currently the Senior Manager, Regional Services of the Alzheimer Society of Manitoba.   

“To me, total wellness is a journey.  It’s ever changing according to what my body and mind are telling me.  Remembering to take the time to listen, to explore, to be honest, to be realistic.”

Adam Lawrence

Adam is the Dean of Students on the Laurier Brantford Campus and an advocate for student success. A caring and inspiring leader both on- and off-campus, he ensures that students have access to the support systems and resources needed to promote wellness in all aspects of student life. Adam recently completed his doctorate (EdD) from Western University where his dissertation focused on the impact of non-traditional mental health supports on post-secondary campuses.

“Total wellness means feeling motivated, comfortable, safe, & supported.  Being in a state of total wellness involves surrounding one-self with love and support, practicing gratitude, and caring for one’s mind and body.”

Sonja Smiljanic

Sonja is a certified Holistic Nutritionist passionate about the power of food. She is able to bring together her understanding of anatomy, physiology, and nutrition with a commitment to helping people truly love what they eat. She believes that daily actions are what give momentum for positive change. Sonja has over a decade of experience working in post-secondary education in programming and community building, and is currently studying Clinical Aromatherapy at Canada’s leading aromatherapy school. 

To me, total wellness is about feeling vibrant, balanced, and easeful as a whole  – physically, emotionally, and energetically. It’s important to remember that wellness is just as much about the commitment to aligning everyday action with a desire to feel whole and healthful, as with actually feeling those things. I believe that for true wellness to be felt we must be committed to fostering a sense of trust and connectedness with ourselves and our bodies, and accepting that our health state is likely to ebb and flow throughout our lives.”

Patrick James

Patrick is a Wilfrid Laurier Marketing Communications and Brand Management graduate in addition to being a varsity athlete. Currently employed at Cossette’s Marketing and Advertising agency, he brings a youthful perspective towards successful communication and maintaining the brand narrative.

“To me, total wellness is accepting imperfection. Knowing that no one is perfect allows us to be more aware of what we are feeling, be present in each moment, and reflect on situations. In doing so, we continue to grow while contributing to the external environments that we choose to find ourselves within. Total wellness is about tending to your physical, mental, and spiritual health while continuing to nourish your social settings as well.”

Melanie Will

Melanie Will is an organizational development professional who has a passion for facilitating group processes to bring forward the best ideas and approaches to complex issues. With a 20 year career in post secondary education in a combination of student life and human resource roles, Melanie brings a wealth of knowledge to process facilitation, group dynamics and leading professional development. Melanie also possesses an M.Ed. in Post-Secondary Studies from Memorial University. 

“To me, total wellness is the feeling of harmony when all elements of my life are working in unison, allowing for give and take depending on the day, depending on the need. It’s when all these elements work together to allow me to thrive.”  

Sarah Memme

Sarah has a background in psychology, education and leadership. Through the practice of yoga, Sarah noticed the subtle yet profound shifts in her own life especially in navigating burnout and anxiety. Sarah’s focus on yoga is around accessibility, kindness and compassion. As a yoga facilitator with over 500 hours of training, she has worked with various organizations to rethink their workplace wellness programming. Sarah has her Masters of Education with a focus on education leadership / organizational development from University of Ottawa.

“For me total wellness connects into living with integrity. It’s about practicing small healthy habits on a daily basis to support various areas of our health (from physical, emotional and mental – to social, environmental, spiritual and more). Total wellness supports health and happiness, enabling us to not just be about surviving, but thriving in the present moment.”

Lara Hof (She/Her)

Lara has dedicated her career to resolving conflicts. From the everyday to complex incidents, Lara believes in the importance of relational trust, fairness and inclusion. Her work has been centered in student conduct administration in the post-secondary sector for two decades, with a focus on gender-based violence. Her peers regard her as a thought leader and advocate among student conduct practitioners in Canada. Lara strives to help others find peace, belonging and support in the workplace.

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