Simple. Tangible. Authentic.

Joe Danis helps form healthy and sustainable habits that define who we are.
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Joe Danis

Joe is a wellness advocate and personal development coach who inspires self-discovery and growth through a holistic approach to overall well-being.


Commit 20: Move. Still. Grow.

Commit 20 is a habit-forming health and wellness program that utilizes micro-changes to introduce a more holistic approach to overall well-being.

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Be. Grow. Do. Become.

Facilitated sessions focused on self-discovery and personal development resulting in the creation of a lifestyle true to your core values, identity, and vision.

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“Joe’s passion is people and ever since I have known him he has continuously amazed me with his ability to bring people together. What drives Joe is his goal of empowering others and himself to become the best version of themselves. The simple fact that sets Joe apart and makes him so good at what he does, is that he genuinely cares. I consider myself very fortunate to have met Joe and been able to participate and contribute to initiatives he has founded, such as Unum, Come Alive in Costa Rica, and Commit 20.”

Brad Findlater, Partner, Anderson James McCall Barristers, Calgary, Canada

“Joe is a big thinker AND a granular executor. He has the ability to motivate everyone to go further and do more than they otherwise would have done. He is a great storyteller and team player.”

Mike Lipkin, Owner & President, Environics/Lipkin

Wellness Consulting

Review your current corporate wellness program and discover what it takes to build a healthier workplace culture through tailored recommendations.

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Together, we can develop simple, tangible, and authentic habits that are healthy, effective and sustainable.