Be. Grow. Do. Become

Discover a lifestyle fueled by your passions and driven by your purpose.

Be. Grow. Do. Become. inspires a sense of clarity about self-identity while exploring avenues for creativity through establishing healthy habits and a vision for the future.

Through discussions and exercises that facilitate self-discovery, Be. Grow. Do. Become. creates a lifestyle true to your values, your identity, and your vision. These workshops help you discover your passion and purpose while supporting growth through establishing healthy and sustainable habits.

This program is ideal for developing personal identity and healthy workplace culture.

Why Be. Grow. Do. Become.?

The cornerstone of Joe’s approach is personal reflection. Through a method sometimes referred to as ME-search (autoethnography as it’s sometimes called), participants are guided through a series of reflection exercises that require one to conduct an honest self-appraisal.
No clever clichés. No catch phrases. No BS. Just a simple and honest approach to personal growth and self discovery based on foundational elements such as identity (clarity and confidence), growth (curiosity and creativity), action (habits and mindfulness), and vision (passion and purpose).

The Be. Grow. Do. Become. workshop series is effective because it comes from within. You are writing your own story, just as Joe is writing his.

“Joe Danis is an excellent speaker. This past summer I had an opportunity to listen to a speech he delivered at a conference at Sheridan College. I truly enjoyed the lecture as it was relevant to my life. He is an incredible facilitator that inspires people to embrace who they are while striving to learn and grow. Joe talked about taking simple actions to instigate change in your life but cautioned, “just because things are simple does not mean they are easy!” He taught me that to overcome hardships you need to be open minded, a good listener and true to yourself. Doing these things will lead to character development and will allow you to truly understand yourself and your potential.”

Thador Tekhli, Student, St. Clair College, Windsor, Ontario

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