Commit 20

A personal commitment to a healthier lifestyle and a healthier you.

Commit 20 is a simple, tangible, yet meaningful approach to overall wellness will give you the foundation from which everything flows. Through guided reflection and experiential learning,
this program is for anyone seeking transformation, growth, and enhanced personal well-being.

20 minutes a day of movement. 20 minutes a day of stillness. And 20 minutes a day of growth. Anytime. Anywhere. This program builds the foundation for personal development on three things: a healthy body, a healthy spirit, and a healthy mind.

In Commit 20, you’ll develop healthy, sustainable habits that lead to consistent and positive lifestyle changes. This program can be customized to meet the needs of an individual, or it can be adapted for implementation at schools, colleges and universities, or as part of a corporate wellness program. Commit 20 can be delivered completely online or through a combination of in-personal facilitation and a virtual platform.




Why Commit 20?

It meets you where you are. Anyone can begin the practices of movement, stillness, and growth. The key is to simply begin.

It’s micro. Micro changes have been proven to be more effective and sustainable than making big, audacious goals. Goals are important, but we are defined by our habits.

It’s simple. No special equipment or memberships required. Simply move your body, find a sense of peace by focusing on the breath, and read or write. Can’t be any simpler than that!

It’s tangible. The benefits of basic movement, meditation, and reading, writing, or other forms of creative expression have been proven to have significant health benefits when done on a consistent basis. Benefits that include stress reduction, heart and cardiovascular health, and enhanced memory and cognitive abilities.

It’s authentic. It’s all about you and practicing the things that serve your identity and your core values in a healthy, holistic way.


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“Commit 20 is a very good program to learn more about yourself and the many options you have in life to be healthy. It helped me discover new things about myself in a simple, step by step approach. It’s really interesting to do it with people from all over the world and learn more about their journey as well.”

Simeon Fischer, Engineer, Nuremburg, Germany

“To me, Commit 20 is about finding balance in life by carving out time for movement, stillness, and growth. Joe has found a really cool recipe for helping people find this sense of balance, while creating healthy, sustainable habits that lead to a healthy, happy way of life.

Sid Rashid, Human Rights Lawyer, Ottawa, Canada

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